Reinventing the way you view photography

Imagine: freedom to shoot, brand, share, and print photos from any device instantly – anywhere you are even without an internet connection.  Stratus PhotoMark ™ System (PAT. PEND.) puts freedom in the palm of your hand!

Tradeshow event planners, promoters and photographers now can create beautiful branded watermarks, frame overlays, multi-media slide shows and so much more, then share with guests or with the world in real-time with a click of a button.  The sky’s the limit!

  • No Need to be a technical guru… Just shoot, brand and share!

    With the PhotoMark™ System - Brand, New!

    Need instant sharing gratification?

    The freedom to brand and share like a Pro!

    Imagine having the creative capability of a full photo studio and the branding and sharing impact of a photo booth in the palm of your hand… at any event.

    Saving time + increased branding + real-time sharing = Success!

    If a picture is worth a thousand words . . . what's a photo with your branding, shared instantly from any device at an event or with the world via social media worth?

    Stratus PhotoMark™ system puts branding and sharing freedom in the palm of your hand!

    Love to put your creative mark on images and share instantly?

    Here are a few videos that highlight all the features of each of our apps

    Want to see what you can do with our apps? Well, here are a few results

    With our DSLR Controller app, you can control your Nikon or Canon DSLR or any other PTP compatible camera

    Let's show you how the PhotoMark System can take your small business to the next level by using custom branded photos.

  • Simply shoot, select images for batch processing and images automatically upload to your personal Stratus cloud! Better yet, when you save images, you enjoy automatic photo size reduction during processing as well as individual folders for each photographer to store their images during events.

    Whether you shoot 20 or 200,000 photos in a day, once you size, rotate to fit within the picture frame viewing area of the stage design, the app memorizes your preferences and the settings then applies them to newly added photos – allowing easy, real-time branded image frames or slide shows that automatically update with each photo you take! Building your brand has never been so easy!

    No more need for large and expensive photo booths to create and share a branded image of attendees at a show or the bride and groom on their special day: Just shoot, brand and share from any device with the Photo Mark™ System!

    If you are a promotional professional or event planner with little knowledge of professional photography but a need to brand and provide great promotional capability to your business or a photographer who wants to increase your image, your brand and your sales at an event – PhotoMark™ System is for you.

    At Stratus, we've reinvented the way your clients view photography and how your brand is built!

    By marrying Stratus hardware, software and apps together in our Photo Mark™ System of licensed products – we have created lightweight, battery operated, and completely portable products that can go anywhere the show or shoot may take you. No large equipment to lug around, no expensive photo booths to set up or manage, use your favorite camera app on your phone or tablet or use your DSLR. No Internet connection needed – just turn it on shoot, brand and share – it's that easy!

    Now, imagine how happy the bride and her guests feel having the day's events captured, branded and available to share in real-time! Someone is a new favorite photographer – will it be you?

    Turn your phone into a
    photo studio!

    With the PhotoMark™ Stage Trial, shoot a photo with your phone, set your size and placement preferences on the image, the app memorizes the settings you made and applies them to newly added photos or you can re-adjust. Once you have the way you want it - simply save the resulting image to a folder on your phone – ready to share via any social network you have installed on your device or share by email. Want to print - images can be printed using your home printer or a printing service. Simple to use and better yet, it's FREE!

    Documentary videos

    We've produced documentary videos for all our apps, as well as a combination of a few. It's simple, easy, and quick! Brand away!

    The end results

    We know that you're skeptic about what our apps can really do. So, we've gone a step further to include a few photos that have been processed by our various applications.

    The possibilities are endless.

    The Goal

    Make your photography side job your full time business

    Attract more visitors to your trade show booth

    Brand ambassadors can instantly share branded personalized photos, that will be re-shared on social media, rather than give away trinkets.

    Guests can upload their own event photos to a folder controlled by the photographer for branding and sharing as well.

    The possibilities are endless with the PhotoMark System.